Friday, October 27, 2006

The Concorde: Airport '79

Gawd, it was painful seeing George Kennedy reduced to talking and acting like a dirty old man--not once, but several times. Ewww.

I'm trying to console myself by saying that the camp value of the movie justified its taking up another two hours of my life, but I'm not sure I even believe that.



Anonymous said...

here is a lovely comment left by someone on the site that the video is located:

If waterboarding isn't torture, why did we see fit to prosecute it as a war crime after WWII? Or is it only torture when it's done against us?

Of course it's torture - and more than that, it's a completely ineffective tool. It gets people to say what they think you want to hear, in order not to drown. That doesn't mean you're getting the truth out of them. We already know that one of the reasons we went to war with Iraq was due to the false statements by a prisoner linking Iraq and Al Queda after he was "aggressively questioned:. Everything he said was later proven to be bogus. People will say anything to get the torture to stop, whether they know anything or NOT. And if they do know something and are a terrorist, can you really expect them to tell you the truth because you torture them?

It's the sort of tactics the Soviet Union, the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge indulged in - they weren't interested in the truth or gaining intelligence. I get tired of the counter-argument that Al Queda doesn't hesitate to torture people. No siree, they don't - but aren't we supposed to be better than them?

If we lose all of our principles, what are we fighting FOR exactly? The right to be the biggest bully in the playground?

Darren said...

Not only are you mistaken--Khalid Sheikh Mohammad is said to have lasted about 25 seconds before he started telling us plenty of stuff that has prevented further attacks in the US, and nabbed plenty of other high level al-Qaeda types--but what exactly does this have to do with Airport '79?

Oh, and never let your principles become a suicide pact.