Sunday, October 22, 2006

No "Indecent Exposure" For Women in Riverside County

Because a judge is obviously too stupid to know that in formal English, "his" refers to both men and women, a case against a Riverside County woman who "disrobed" in front of a 14 year old boy has been dismissed.

Superior Court Judge Robert W. Armstrong said this week that the law mentions a person who "exposes his person."

"Usually when a section proscribes conduct, it's 'his or her.' This one is not," Armstrong said. "It's gender specific."

Send this judge back to English class. And common sense class, if anyone still teaches that.

What's that rushing sound I hear? Probably all my male students high-tailing it to Riverside County for a cheap peek!


Ellen K said...

Just another free pass for a female pervert. I am personally sick and tired of this being the attitude. If it's wrong for an adult male to mess around with kids under the age of consent, then it is just as wrong for an adult woman to do the same. I am tired of hearing, reading and seeing reports about these delusional women who push themselves on kids while trying to relive their adolescence. It's not normal and not even a judge can debate that.

Anonymous said...

I assume you saw last week's South Park episode, yes?