Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Cases For US Intervention in Darfur and Iraq

"BUT, and it is a big BUT, I am also just as equally convinced that George Bush would be attacked the minute he put a soldier on the ground by the very humanitarians who are calling him to now act on the implicit premise that since there are no American economic or security interests in Darfur, we therefore should intervene."


Anonymous said...

Of course. It isn't Darfur -- if it were, liberals would be all over the UN, which won't even call it genocide, instead of Bush, one of the only world leaders with the guts to call it what it is.

Liberals couldn't care less about Darfur (there's a reason you never hear them admit that it's nothing more than yet more Muslim terrorism), no more than Madonna cares about that pet she adopted to make her feel good.

J said...

The omission of the Darfur killings in the US press does seem strange. Only a few Western journalists (now branded as "neo-con") such as Hitchens are willing to address Muslim atrocities.

Another absurdity of the liberals whining about Iraq is their immediate acceptance of the Lancet report. IN this study the researchers interviewed only families in Iraqi urban areas and then merely by analogy extended the sample to 1000s of families throughout Iraq (and never bothered to obtain death certificates for the estimated casualties, approx 650,000 according to these *&^#&%$'s). That sort of generalization might apply when estimating, say, the numbers of people inoculated with small pox vacine, but calculating deaths in that fashion seems incredible wrong (the Iraqi Body Count site has the number at about 45,000). Perhaps one of the resident math professors around here might offer a critique of the Lancet, which is unfortunately now being taken as truth.

(here is a Sacramento local-liberal and hypocrite, byronius--a DU regular (about like being a member of the communist party)-- referring to the Lancet as if it were unassailable truth. [Scroll down to "Baghdad Burning"]. Liberal idiots such as "byronius" should be held accountable for their lies )

Darren said...

No one except the fever swamp takes the Lancet study seriously. And the fever swamp still thinks Iraq is about oil and the US goverment perpetrated the September 11th attacks.

These people can be safely ignored, for now. If they get traction, that will change.