Thursday, October 12, 2006

President Hillary Clinton?

If she governs the way she's been talking, the left won't like her very much. Then again, she'll govern however she thinks will be best for Hillary.

Instapundit (see blogroll at left) has two very recent posts:

Hillary isn't necessarily a nutjob when it comes to Iraq

Hillary thinks torture should be safe, legal, and rare


Anonymous said...

Everyone's paying attention to the whole "First Woman President" thing. No one will take into consideration how she governs, but hey, it's a woman president!

Anonymous said...

Name a single bad thing her husband ever did. (Related to politics, of course!)

Darren said...

Bad thing? I'm sure the anti-war left will mention Bosnia, the attack on Khartoum (to deflect attention from the blue dress), and our operations in Somalia. No? I wonder why not?

How's that Palestinian situation going? All peaceful?

Hey, that North Korea deal worked. No? My bad.

Enough of this. It's too early to have my entire day ruined.

Ellen K said...

Hey, there's nothing more vicious than an angry woman. That's why I prefer working for and with men. It's not that I don't like women in charge, it is just that some of them think it's a free ticket to be a b****. And sometimes, like it or not, a woman can be just as arrogant and unfeeling as the most chauvinist of males. I never got catty comments from any of the male art directors, but i got sniping comments all the time from the women. If you were Kim Jong Il would YOU like to try two out of three matches against and angry and ambitious Hillary? Who knows, maybe she would see the light and knock some collective heads together. But if the Dems do that, watch for Kay Bailey Hutchison or Condi Rice as at least VP candidates.

Brook Stevens said...

" a responsibility that might be hers starting Jan. 20, 2009." BULL SHIT Hillary better not EVER be president I swear .... and anonymous are you fricking kidding me NAME ME ONE THING HER HUSBAND DID WRONG??? Im 16 and I can rattle off numerous things he did wrong and I dont care if you say political I AM going to mention the affair ... like Mr Miller said you are ruining my day good thing for you Im close to going to bed ... Pres 2008 - Someone Republican!

Anonymous said...

How anyone could ever take the idea of Hillary, or ANY woman for that matter, becoming President at this juncture in history, is beyond me!
We are at no loss for qualified men - not yet.
And I agree with Ellen, I much rather work for and with males.
The GOP originally wanted Colin Powell to run in 2000, but his wife suffers from depression and couldn't handle it. Anyway, Colin is really a soldier, not a politician. He needs to rest.
So where are the liberals when it comes to filling the slot with a man of color? No where!
When it came time to pick a minority leader, who did they get? Nancy P. They passed up Harold Ford Jr. for a female, a white female.
I don't play the race card, these are just facts.
We need a man, whether a minority or not, to take this country forward.
A woman? Too problematic.
Dare I say that the Democrats are the party of the feminists?
I am not a feminist, but I'm a woman. Not interested in that feminist crap at all!
The Dems could have had Barbara Jordan long ago, but she was a lesbian, and the liberals didn't want a lesbian. What do they think Hillary is????
And anyway...most of the Dems don't like her or her horny husband anyway.
Know why Bill is so horny???
Oh...never mind!

Hillary Schmillary!