Friday, October 06, 2006

The Foley Story

I've been asked to discuss the ex-Congressman Foley story. I'd prefer not to, as I doubt I'd add much that hasn't been said by someone else in the 24/7 coverage we've had over the last week. I did, however, find something succinct that summarizes, exactly, my take on the whole thing:

The Mark Foley scandal is emblematic of everything that reeks about modern US politics. This story has it all: scummy politicians abusing positions of power, cover-ups, overheated accusations, political grandstanding by outrageous hypocrites, and wall to wall salacious coverage from the drooling mainstream media.

Democrats have nothing to say that isn't hypocritical. The few times I've heard House Speaker Hastert on what should be friendly (right-leaning) radio talk shows, he's hemmin' and hawwin' and sounding like he has something to hide. I wonder what the gay press is saying about all this--do they bash a fellow gay "daddy", at their own expense, because he's a Republican, or do they remain silent and not help the Democrats on this one?

This is ugly, it's out of control, and I'm sick of it.


Anonymous said...

Then the democrats are wrong. Mark Foley is a pediophile—who cares that he's gay? Pediophiles should be locked up.

Have you considered that perhaps they aren't commenting because they know it's a non-story? It takes away from the ACTUAL stories—The lowered gas prices—which, mind you, is NOT a good thing—, the "war" on terrorasm, the legalization of gay marriage...the starving children is Africa. Jesus H Christ, since when has there a story on how many thousands of AIDS-infected African children there are, and how every one of them is starving, while we Americans spend billions of dollars on instruments of death?
We could help them, yet we choose not to.
Unrelated, but whatever.

Why is this still in the news? I don't want to hear, and neither does the rest of the's disgusting on so many different levels!

Darren said...

Actually, Foley isn't a pedophile. He's an ephebophile, and the "boy" is of legal age in DC.

Had Foley just boffed him, there would be no crime (just as there wasn't during the so-called "page scandal" of my high school years). The only possible crime is that he sent nasty emails, something a law he sponsored said you can't do to someone under 18. So he could boff a page, he just can't email the guy and ask him if he wanted to be boffed. Odd.

I'm glad the guy's out of Congress--which is more than happened to the Democrats who did this--actually, more than this--when I was in high school.

Anonymous said...

"ephebophile"....thanks, you learn me a new word every day! :)

Anonymous said...

Gay males committ a disproportionate number of sexual abuses on younger males, than heterosexual males.

Don't hate the messenger.

Darren said...

And heterosexual males commit (one t, anonymous) a disproportionate number of sexual abuses on younger females. So what's your point?

Besides the fact that as of yet, there's no evidence that Foley sexually abused anyone. Unlike the Democrat congressmen from the 80s. Or was that *not* your point?

Darren said...

That's not accurate. The Democrats didn't "abuse" minors--they had sex with pages who were of legal age in DC. One with a male page, and one with a female page (if memory serves).

I'm all about accuracy here on Right On The Left Coast.