Sunday, May 02, 2010

Teacher Stealing From Students

I don't think this story needs any commentary from me:

Students sick of getting their lockers broken into and having their money disappear set up a cell phone camera to hopefully catch the crook in the act.

Deputies said the video showed the crook was Steven Simmons, 49, their PE teacher.


maxutils said...

Under the school's zero tolerance policy, the students were suspended for using a cell phone on campus.

Anonymous said...

Quote from the article:

A school spokesman said it's possible the student who recorded the cell phone video could get in trouble as well because students are not supposed to use their phones during the day.

A teacher is stealing from students, ho hum, WHAT! You used your CELL PHONE in SCHOOL??! Detention / suspension / expulsion!

maxutils said...

Oh my God . . . I SWEAR I was kidding.