Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Politics (and a little education)

Four articles from today's major Sacramento newspaper:

Nancy Pelosi and governor-wannabe Phil Angelides work at a phone bank where? Oh yes, the offices of the Sac City Teachers Association, the teachers union for the Sac City Unified School District. Well isn't that special.

Black leaders thought they were going to get to harass the governor, but got really ticked when they only got to harass one of his black senior aides instead. I've met Margaret Fortune (her parents ran my teacher credentialing program, which she was also involved in at the time); she's a good person, an intelligent person, a strong person. If she was reduced to tears by these people, well 1) shame on them, and 2) how belligerent and cruel they had to have been. Why on God's green Earth should the Governor even try to deal with such people? And many of them were ministers? Let them wander in the damned wilderness for 40 years, then maybe they'll learn some of those Christian principles that they should be teaching to others.

In another story we find out why we should shell out 10 billion more dollars to repair schools, even though it seems like we have school bonds on the ballot every 2 years.

And this last story discusses the legal maneuvers of some Republicans who want to have former-governor Moonbeam removed from the ballot for Attorney General because, they say, he doesn't meet the legal requirements to hold the position. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... by the nature of your posts, you're sounding like a republican!

rightwingprof said...

What's really frightening is that of all the liberal talking heads on Fox News, Jerry Moonbeam Brown is the closest to being sane and reasonable. Bob Becker jumped the shark a long time ago.

Darren said...

When Jerry first became mayor of Oakland he started a blog. I only read it a few times, but I liked what I read. He almost sounded like a conservative, talking about how he planned to deal with Oakland's problems.

I still have a hard time believing he's changed his stripes on the death penalty, though. And for that, I can't vote for him for Attorney General.

"Mike" said...

Nice to see there are still some rational conservatives around Sac (though rational democrats disappeared from CA as a whole sometime in the early 90's). I think the conservatives and libertarians in the Sac area should be concerned with the Peoples' Republic of Davis; in fact, a former acquaintance of mine lives there and runs a successful business in Sac, and like most in the Davis area, he tends to be somewhere like to the left of Nancy Pelosi in his politics.

What is amazing is that "liberal" CA businessmen (like this former pal) can spout leftist crap all day--on blogs, in person, whereever--and then try to do business with normal Americans. And of course they often will act the part of the conservative when necessary to close a deal. There ought to be a rule that potential customers are informed of a manager's extreme left (or right, really) political viewpoint: would you have done business with X if you knew that he was, late at night, on various leftist blogs (such as Democrat Underground) basically saying the US govt. were all a bunch of criminals, or supporting the 9-11 conspiracy BS (Cheney guided the planes with a joystick!), quoting from marxist sites (that f-n Lancet report BS) etc. I think not. This person is fairly well-known in Sac. Send e-mail note if you would care to discuss this further--I am posting comments on a few Sac/NoCal area conservative blogs--leftist CA businessmen should be known for the hypocritical scum they are.



(This Davis marxist and he operates a business on S street and is more or less accusing the US Govt. of killing 600,000 Iraqis (that's the lie the red UK nurseys and doctors behind the Lancet BS spout). Even liberals have denounced the Lancet report, and I think any and all liberal clowns who quote from it on their blogs should be held accountable.)

rightwingprof said...

If there's anywhere in government hand wringers and bleeding hearts definitely do not belong, it's the criminal justice system.

I have never voted for a liberal atty gen, prosecutor, sheriff, or judge.