Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Name of *This* Education-Related Web Site Took Me Aback

Kill Your Teacher.

"Kill Your Teacher" examines, exposes, and places the blame for corruption and racism in Los Angeles City Schools. This is a terrifying narrative about an orthodox Jewish rabbi's fight for civility and academic standards in the classroom- all in a climate of death threats, assaults, and verbal abuse. Scholars and researchers are welcome to request specific memoranda and letters from Dorsey High School administrators and UTLA union representatives in the most egregious instances of harassment and "cultural diversity."

It is hoped that exposing the ugly side of the playing of the race card in today's inner city schools will contribute, finally, to a truly open dialog about race relations, the value of education, and the type of America that will endure and rise to the tremendous challenges facing her in the future.

Kill Your Teacher is the title of a book--written by a rabbi. How surprised can I be, when we learn about this?


Anonymous said...

I apologize for this question's off-topicness, but what is your position on North Korea possibly having Nukes? Would you support a war against North Korea?

Darren said...

Wow, that *is* off-topic.

I don't know if they have them or not. I'd prefer it if they didn't.

If the President--any US President--decided that war with North Korea was in the best interest of this country, I would support it.

To be honest, I'm far more inclined, at least in the short run, to let people try the "talk talk talk" with them. Should they actually test a nuke, I think it might be fun to see how the South Koreans and Japanese respond.

Then, people might realize that talk talk talk doesn't work with dictators and psychos (who are often one and the same). And somebody else--in this case, the South Koreans and Japanese--can do their own heavy lifting for a change.

I'm more concerned about the Iranians. How's that "talk talk talk" going with our sophisticated, cultured, elite European brethren and sistren?

This is less than 2 hrs old off the Associated Press:

HASHTGERD, Iran - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Wednesday that sanctions will not stop
Iran from enriching uranium after a European negotiator conceded "endless hours" of talks had made little progress and suggested the dispute could wind up at the U.N. soon...The latest comments — and the view of senior U.N. diplomats who told The Associated Press on Tuesday that nearly two years of intermittent negotiations had failed — suggested an emerging consensus that the time has finally come to consider Security Council sanctions.

And now, back to the topic of the post!

George said...

I'm glad to see Jesse Lee Peterson's letter of support for the book.

I see the racist meme (ala John McWhorter) all day in my classroom.