Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hometown Story Makes International News

From the UK's Daily Mail:
A pair of bungling vandals tried to key a Tesla car but unknowingly got caught out when its inbuilt security cameras captured their grinning faces in action.

The video, taken by the Tesla Model 3's Sentry Mode, shows the duo walk towards the car with their faces in full view in Sacramento, California.

The car's security system adds a layer of protection and acts like a home alarm system by continuously monitoring its environment when it is left unattended.

The car's cameras show the two men wearing caps walk to the side of the Tesla to a Ram pickup truck parked next to it.

After inspecting the truck's handle and pointing out some marks, one of the men takes out his keys and appears to drags it along the side of the Tesla Model 3 which costs around $49,000.

It is not known if there was a prior incident which caused the men to target the car.

The pair then return to the front of the car to admire their handiwork, blissfully unaware they have given the camera another full view of their faces.

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