Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I signed my evaluation form today.  It was 13 pages long.  And I had to do most of the writing.  What a waste of my time and energy.  Things like that frustrate me to no end.

See, it's not so much an "evaluation" anymore as it is a "system of professional growth".  Yawn.  Just tell me if I'm doing a good job, or not.  In case of disagreement, have an appeal process in place.  Seems reasonable to me.

13 pages that I had to write on.  How many trees died unnecessarily for that?

I'm up for another "growth" in 5 years.  If the current program stays in place, that will be my last "growth", as I plan to retire in 9 years.


David said...

My district says evaluations every 5 years if you are a "good teacher." I haven't been evaluated since 2010 or 2011.

Everyone at a school knows whom the good and not so good teachers are. I have never been afraid of an evaluation because my admins know I am a good teacher and will just give me suggestions when I was evaluated.

However the evaluations are a joke and I wish the district really took them more seriously.

Ellen K said...

This year my district pushed an awkward and counterproductive multi-page program called STRIVE. Links weren't underlined, sometimes entire paragraphs were links. Procedures were not clear and even administrators didn't know what to do. So of course they're keeping it-doubling down on failure. Just one more in a litany of reasons that I am retiring-although it feels more like I'm being forced out.

Mr. W said...


I just had my 5 year evaluation this year as well. Nothing like 13 pages. Our is about 3. But most of that is reflection on our CSTPs or whatever they are called now.

Unlike you, I have about 3-4 more of these...

Anonymous said...

I wrote my last one last August. This time next year I'll be finished. I can't figure out if I'll have to be evaluated and observed next year. Shouldn't be necessary, as I've gotten "Accomplished" rating for years. If I were going to college now, I would not go into teaching again, although I love it: too much ridiculous rules and regulations and no respect for teachers as professionals.