Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Good Day To Buy Coins

I received my Numismatic News today, and a couple stories pointed me to some coins I just had to buy.

From the UK's Royal Mint:  a ₤2 D-Day commemorative and a ₤5 200th anniversary commemorative of Queen Victoria's birth

From the US Mint:  a half-dollar and a silver dollar commemorative of Apollo 11

You have those days, right?  Where you just have to order a couple coins?


Anna A said...

Not coins, but miniature oil lamps and art glass paperweights. GRIN Some of my friends can't believe that I have seen paperweights listed on email on the high side of 1K dollars. They are beautiful, but I just look and drool at them.

Jean said...

I was pretty tempted by that 5-pound coin myself, and I don't even collect coins. Those gears are so cool. However, my personal need-to-buy is quilting fabric.

Jean said...

Oh, I forgot what I was actually going to say. We did just acquire 3 US 3-cent pieces, one for me and each kid. We need to display them somehow...but also they are teeny.

Darren said...

Jean, you have silver 3 cent pieces, which are indeed teeny. The US also made 3 cent pieces out of nickel, and they're bigger.