Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Did People Ever Take These Seriously?

From the very beginning the idea of "traffic school" was a scam, a racket.  I'm supposed to be upset now because the scam is online?
Just when you thought things could not get any worse for the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the beleaguered bureaucracy sinks even lower into disrepute.

This time, the DMV has been caught asleep at the wheel in its duty to provide oversight for the traffic schools California drivers must “attend” in order to clear speeding tickets from their official driving records.

“A few owners of online traffic schools in California have taken advantage of loose oversight by the Department of Motor Vehicles to stifle competition and boost their share of customers among the roughly 670,000 ticketed drivers who enroll in the schools every year,” according to a news story by The Sacramento Bee’s State Worker reporter Wes Venteicher.

Once upon a time, drivers had to attend actual traffic schools in classrooms to clear minor infractions from their records. Over the past two decades, the schools morphed into an online industry. In order to compete for business, these “schools” bear names like No Study Traffic School, Easy Daddy Traffic School and Five Dollar Traffic School.

Clearly, the owners of many of California’s 3,000 traffic “schools” do not pick their names in an effort to convey seriousness or competency. The ridiculous naming trend persists despite rules barring any name that “implies that the school offers inducements or premiums which derogate or distort the instruction intent of the traffic violator school program.”

Idiots Traffic School and 4 Lazy Traffic School seem in clear violation of the DMV’s solemn principles.
"DMV" and "solemn" in the same sentence? I wonder if that's ever happened before.

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