Monday, January 07, 2013

Teacher Work Day

For the first time since I became a teacher, our semester ended before Christmas break.  What that means, though, is the last Friday before break, which was often a "party day", was actually a final exam day!  One less day of fun, but the benefits of not having the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head for two weeks of break is more than worth it to both staff and students.

Today was a teacher work day, students start classes tomorrow.

I left home later than I usually do but actually got to school earlier than I usually do--must have hit the lights perfectly this morning.  Had a half a class of final exams left to grade, which didn't take long, and then got all the semester grades entered and submitted.

Then I really got to work on the computer.  Planned out my teaching for the rest of the month, got my web site updated with January's assignments, made new seating charts, and did a few other administrative/bookkeeping tasks.  Wrote a couple letters of recommendation, had a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant (courtesy of a gift certificate given to me by my Parent Secret Pal),

When the kids show up tomorrow it'll be like we never left.  Won't miss a beat.  The river keeps a-flowin'.

And they'll hate it.  But they've had me for a semester already, so they should know to expect it.

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