Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

This kind of stupidity has to end:
Two more Maryland school kids got into trouble for pointing their fingers playing cops and robbers at school.

Actually, in the Eastern Shore schoolyard during recess in this latest case.
What kind of person can honestly punish children for this type of behavior and expect to be taken seriously ever again?


Anonymous said...

So where do the liberal school adminicastrators think we are going to get the next generation of military personnel, if they succeed in stamping out the natural behavior of boys?

Darren said...

You assume they care, or even ask that question.

maxutils said...

This shouldn't be surprising. Educators . . . correct that . . .administrators regularly impose arbitray, zero tolerance rules at their schools. My daughter recently shared that she was busted at school for having a plastic knife to cut her apple. Because, you know, it's a knife. Sporks . . .just as dangerous . . .fine. Tag? That is a game which can't be played. Running on the playground? No, unless you're playing basketball . . . because I guess a sport that involves contact is safer than just . . .running. Dress code? Forget the state standards . . . just go ahead and ban anything you don't like. Pointing your finger and saying pow is a gun. Absolutely the kid should be punished for it . . . by being forced not to be educated.