Monday, January 21, 2013

Dr. King Holiday

How appropriate that I saw the following on Facebook today, when we honor the memory of Dr. King:

Why do you "need" an AR-15?

Why did Rosa Parks "need" to sit in front of the bus?

In a free country, there is no requirement to show a "need" to exercise a right.


maxutils said...

had rosa parks sat infront of the bus, it might have turned out differently.;)

allen (in Michigan) said...

Rights don't require reasons. Rights don't require excuse nor explanations.

Punishment should follow the misuse of rights, to the detriment of the rights of others, but that punishment should fall only on the transgressor and not on society in general.

The question of whether I need an AR-15 is as nonsensical as asking whether I need a loudspeaker.

maxutils said...

As just an aside ... did Rosa ou think are not fairParks have that right at the time? If you look at the law, which had not yet been declared unconstitutional, she didn't. If you look at the Declaration of Independence, and the 14th amendment, she did. Also, if you're a reasonable human being. It does speak for violating laws that you think are not just...then again, she took her lumps. The difference with the ar-15 is that it IS an enumerated right to own it.

maxutils said...

obviously, i had a keyboard problem ...