Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Pains Me, How True This Is

California is in a death spiral:
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: California’s Twilight. “The result of 30 years of illegal immigration, the reigning culture of the coastal childless households, the exodus of the overtaxed, and the rule of public employees is not just Democratic, but hyper-liberal supermajorities in the legislature. In the most naturally wealthy state in the union with a rich endowment from prior generations, California is serially broke — the master now of its own fate. It has the highest menu of income, sales, and gas taxes in the nation, and about the worst infrastructure, business climate, and public education. Is the latter fact despite or because of the former?”


Anonymous said...

Didn't Gov Moonbeam just say everything in CA is rainbows and unicorns? "We're back!" Yeah right Gov. Unfortunately, things will get much, much worse before anything changes. The momentum of the slide downward is too much for a Dem legislature, beholden to unions, to do anything about. CUT 10% all gov spending this year. 10% the next. repeat, and repeat.

Anonymous said...

California is a microcosm of where this country is headed if a majority of the people don't get their heads out of their @#$%. And that's going to be difficult with a many of them sitting on them while waiting for their government handouts.