Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Slight Change To The Comments

I've had a couple complaints about the word verification feature I activated on this blog--the letter string you had to type before your comment would be accepted. Some found this an annoyance, and I can agree with that position. But it accomplished what I wanted it to do, namely stopping comment spam in its tracks.

But now I've encountered a new issue. I write a few posts a day on average, which means it only takes a few days to have gone through a dozen or more posts. Since I'm sure only a few readers check this blog on a regular basis, it's possible, indeed probable, that I'm missing comments. And what is the point of having comments on my blog if I don't read them?

So I've switched to moderated comments and turned off word verification. Any new comments go to a page that I can access (and you *know* I'll access it several times a day!), where they're grouped by post title. This will ensure I don't miss any new comments while at the same time keeping my blog comments spam-free.

We'll see how this method works out. I hope it works to everyone's satisfaction.


EdWonk said...

Did you have any luck with Blogger's email comment notification?

Darren said...

I'm not using email notification. That would connect me to the blog *way* too much--I'd hear that "you have mail" beep and come running from the other room!

No, I'll just check when I'm online :-)