Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Judy Miller Is Gone

We still don't know what source she was protecting. And Libby was indicted for lying, not for passing secrets. In fact, no one's been indicted for passing secrets. What gives?

And now we have Judy Miller, Goddess of the First Amendment, playing the role of avatar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the New York Times has fired her.

Maybe she and Mary Mapes can get together?


Anonymous said...

Actually, she resigned.

Darren said...

Yes. She was offered the option of resigning.

Anonymous said...

Point being that

"No, ladies and gentlemen, the New York Times did NOT fire her."

They stood behind her despite her unprofessional journalistic behavior and strategic lapses of memory. No doubt some media outfit even further to the right than The New York Times will pick her up. She won't be out on the street wondering where her next meal is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll take Scooter Libby's old job.

Anonymous said...

I will if you will.

Anonymous said...

Mary Mapes? That's not fair.

No one died when Mary Mapes lied.

Besides, she broke the story on Abu Gharaib, so I'm better informed because of her.

Darren said...

She was offered the opportunity to resign before being fired. It's face-saving only.

She may get on at a newspaper to the right of the NYT. There aren't too many papers to the left.

She was an unprofessional journalist. My guess, and it *is* only a guess, is that now that people at the New York Times know what she's hiding (if anything), they've decided to cut their losses.

No one died when Mary Mapes lied? Who lied? To whom are you referring?

EdWonk said...

Your site is now rendering properly in I.E. 6.0

Darren said...

Thanks for the word!