Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The (Republican) World Is Crashing In Around Us

Or so the naysayers, the nattering nabobs of negativism, as it were, would say. But it's not quite true.

Yesterday's election? Sure, Democrats won the New Jersey and Virginia governorships. But they already had them, so the seats didn't change parties. Schwarzenegger's propositions failed, but so did the ones put up by the libs. And in Ohio, Democrat attempts to weaken the Republican party failed. To be honest, I don't see it as a big deal, although I am disappointed that Proposition 75 didn't pass. I'm also more than a little peeved that the national Republican Party campaigned against redistricting--so much for the lefties' argument that it redistricting was a "right wing power grab."

Then I came across this essay, called The J. Patrick Buchanan Library For Failed Prophets of Doom. The author left out Ross Perot and his "giant sucking sound" of jobs heading south of the border due to NAFTA, but other than that he hit the nail on the head.

Remember back in the 1980s how every other book was about how Japan was going to rule the world and the Germans really won the war and were going to dominate us economically, and we should just learn to accept our new Japanese overlords? Remember right up to the day the Berlin Wall fell people were still predicting that World War III was just around the corner and if only you would have the common sense to buy their book on the end of the world, you could see it too. Communism my friend, that’s where the future is, Captialism is on its last legs, you’ll see. Even today, despite the failures of New Orleans, and the failure of Old Orleans, there are still people who think the Socialist model works. But don’t let a little thing like facts and evidence get in the ways of your ideas kids…

Gotta love that! And how about this comment later?

By Comparison to the world of 1905, we live in a golden age, an age of tremendous bounty, an age of wealth unknown to any generation of mankind since the start of civilization. With the exception of the Irish Potato famine, there hasn’t been a famine in the western world in 200 years. Famine was once a common occurance in the human condition,yet today, outside of Communist and Socialist Central Planning economies, they are rare indeed. Human Populations, rather than increasing exponentially to our eventual doom are actually decreasing, many parts of the world are actually in negative population growth, which is something none of the Sci-fi movies that Charlton Heston starred in managed to predict.

And hell, we've had two world wars in the interim.

The end isn't nigh. In politics, it's all on the wheel--it all comes around. Even if this election were the beginning of the end of the current Republican rule in our country, only a fool would believe that it would never happen again.

So sit back, have an iced tea, and enjoy the times. I still believe it's Morning in America. We've had great days, and still our best days are ahead of us.

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