Friday, November 25, 2005

Gifts For Teachers

In Alief, teachers can accept gifts worth up to $300 in rules set by the University Interscholastic League.

I joke about wanting a trip to the Bahamas, especially since I work in a school in an upscale neighborhood, but I'd be horrified if someone actually got me one. I usually get the same types of gifts now that I used to get when I worked in less ritzy neighborhoods--candy, Starbucks gift cards, a poinsettia, Christmas ornaments, things like that. Getting a "haul" would be nice, but it's not what I'm about as a teacher. I appreciate the generosity shown by anyone who brings me a gift. Sincere appreciation has a wonder all its own.

I can't imagine what was going on in that district that required the rule that I quoted above. Read about limits on teacher gifts here.


Dan Edwards said...

Last year or the year before, I recd. a very unique gift from a student, a mason jar full of colorful origami birds. This wonderful gift sits on display in my classroom.

Darren said...

When I set up my Christmas tree yesterday, I put one ornament on and said aloud, even though no one else was around, "This one was from Muffin." Muffin was the boy's girlfriend's nickname for him, and he got *abused* by the other boys when they found out.

8th graders.... :-)

Darren said...

I also have to wooden eagle cutouts on the wall of my classroom. They were given to me by an extremely poor student (financially poor, did ok in classes). Without going into a long story, I was able to get a computer for him to keep at home. The eagles were his thank you.

His parents were immigrants from Russia. I think he was, too.