Friday, November 11, 2005

Movies (Yes, They Marginally Relate To Education Issues)

Click here to find links to trailers and/or downloads of some interesting movies, including two by Evan Coyne Maloney--Indoctrinate U, a feature-length film that explores political correctness, speech codes, and academic bias on college campuses, and Brainwashing 101, a 45-min downloadable film (hilarious at times) that discusses similar topics at three particular universities. Also available at this site is the short movie Dead Meat, which shows the not-so-pleasant side of Canadian socialized medicine--the very model that lefties tried to pass in our election a few days ago, and which the California Teachers Association supported.

Just as fun is this site, which advertises and has a trailer for a new pro-Wal*Mart movie. How does this have anything to do with education? My state and national unions have been urging their members for months not to shop at Wal*Mart because it isn't unionized, doesn't pay fair wages, etc.

Hey, unions of which I soon won't be a member? Focus on my freakin' wages--that's what I've paid you to do for 9 years--and let the Wal*Mart workers deal with theirs. Quit being a social services organization trying to save the world on my dime.

Update: For a political take on movies and Hollywood in general, articles that have no link to education issues at all, try this Ann Coulter piece or this one from My favorite comment from the latter:
“The politics is definitely having an impact,” observes Govindini Murty, an actress and editor of Libertas, an influential conservative film blog. “Do car companies insult Republicans in their ads?”


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter? Attractive?

Darren, you need to get out more!

Darren said...

I've only seen her on the cover of her book, and she looked pretty good there--assuming she's the one I'm thinking of.

And you know what's interesting? My mother has a cousin named Leeroy. And her maiden name is Jenkins. Maybe we're related, Leeroy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am shocked you haven't googled the name by now.

Darren said...

Should I? Is there something you're not telling me?