Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Psychiatrist Discusses "Bush Derangement Syndrome"

You lefties won't admit that you have it, so this clinical discussion won't do anything to help you. The rest of us--we sit back and read this and say, "Yes, that's clearly what's going on here."


Anonymous said...

i think it is more an evolution in media then a hatred of Bush. I say this beacuse, the media pins every piece of negative news to the highest (in position) person it can deffendablly pin it to. For example, presidents have little to do with day to day economy, but both clinton and bush were blamed for economic pitfalls. So, when the media blames all ills on an individual people will naturally disaprove and eventually hate the individual. Additionally, i think if you bieleve this is something only happening to bush or to the right, then you are having a very selective memory Imagine the "Clinton Deragment syndrome" of the right if Hilary wins in 08. That being said, i do see this happening all too much, and i think it is directly correlaated with the demise of bipartisanship. Personally i bieleve that this entire issue relates to the fact that people seem to have forgotten that both political parties have a common goal, the betterment of america.
Now, i have one more question for you, do you agree with the author of the blog you quoted when he says "They hate Bush because he stands between them and the implementation of their collectivist "utopian" vision. I have no time to waste on them, except to note that their intentions are deliberately and decidedly malevolent toward this country. They want it to fail at anything and everything it does and they openly cheer for the barbarians at the gate." beacuse i think from a different persons perception that could be labled as "leftist ferangment syndrome"


Anonymous said...


The main reason for the "Bush Hating" is Iraq.

If you look at his poll numbers over time, you will see what I am talking about.

Beyond the polls, I can vouch for my own Bush hating.

I can honestly say I didn't care that we had a chimp in the White House till he started an unrelated, unnecessary war over non-existant WMDs.

You are just as bad. Name one thing that Senator Clinton has done as a U.S. Senator that you do not like. I'll hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Why do you like Bush?

Darren said...

Leeroy, you are obviously in the throes. I don't pay much attention to "Senator" Clinton. I paid a lot of attention to "First Lady" Clinton and did not like what I saw--HillaryCare, for starters. And if you want to talk about the "chimp" in the White House, I may be compelled to discuss the lesbian who was the last First Lady.

See? Gratuitous insults work both ways. Let's try to stay above that.

Anonymous, there are plenty of people on the left, and to say that *all* subscribe to the section you quoted would be false. I honestly believe, though, that there are enough in the "Hate America First" crowd that the quote has some validity.

Darren said...

Why do I like the President? Because I agree with many of his policies and I value his integrity.

Anonymous said...

"And if you want to talk about the "chimp" in the White House, I may be compelled to discuss the lesbian who was the last First Lady."

Even if true, I wouldn't find that offensive.

Anonymous said...

"And if you want to talk about the "chimp" in the White House, I may be compelled to discuss the lesbian who was the last First Lady."

Even if true, I wouldn't find that offensive.

That's because the only time the left is "offended" is when religion (specicifically Christianity) is mentioned anywhere as well as with anyone saying there is, or fighting against real evil in the world. - Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

I am not offended by Christianity.

I see the Evangelical movement as a dangerous cult, but not vanila Christianity.

Where is Jim Jones when you need him?

Anonymous said...


This article dismisses the fact that there are plenty of perfectly rational reasons for our winter of discontent toward Mr. Bush.

Furthermore, rather than dismiss Bush's opposition as "crazy," why don't we look at some of the real root cause for this irrational behavior.

In my opinion, it all comes back to Iraq. The Bush supporters view the War in Iraq as simply a war of wills, the U.S. is winning, and that all that is necessary to achieve success in Iraq is to squash political opposition at home.

This article is part of that framework, a feeble attempt to squash political opposition by simply dismissing all Bush-Haters as crazy.

"They are indistinguishable from the barbarians we are actively fighting, with the only difference being that they have different ideas about which group of thugs will be in charge of the "utopia". They prefer themselves--a more secularly-oriented set of thugs--to rule. "

Ouch. Very ouch.

"After 9/11, in many cases, even a mild dislike of "W" rapidly morphed into the ferocious Bush hatred we are now all familiar with."

Umm…. Bush's popularity skyrocketed after 9/11.

Dr. Sanity has gone crazy. She refuses to address the real causes for BDS (Iraq).

As long as right wing extremists, like you Darren, equate political opposition with the real enemy (Osama Bin Laden), I have only one question left.

Pistols or swords?

Darren said...

If you think *I* am a right-wing extremist, you are so far gone that I cannot help you--unless you think that anyone who supports the President is a right-wing extremist.

I've taken several "where are you on the political spectrum" quizzes on the internet; these quizzes are as accurate as anything else when it comes to identifying a person's place in the left/right continuum. They all say the same thing--I'm just right of center. In fact, my favorite was the one that had a score of 0 as a Jesse Jackson liberal and a score of 40 as a Ronald Reagan conservative, and I scored 25. I believe Jack Kemp was a 20, but I don't recall for sure.

Bottom line--as long as you think I'm an extremist, you're exemplifying BDS. Enjoy.

Darren said...

I can agree with Edward's position.

Darren said...

What timing. Look at this editorial I stumbled onto just now?
Is Hillary a centrist? Let's look at her votes:,0,4696852.column?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines

The rest I quote from the editorial above:

Well, it certainly is hard to detect any centrism in her overall Senate voting record. Each year, for example, she has scored 95 percent with the left-wing Americans for Democratic Action.

But let's focus on four key Senate votes that presented opportunities for Democrats to flash their moderate side. In October 2002, 29 Senate Democrats voted for the Iraq war resolution. Clinton was one of those 29, and while subsequently critical of how President George W. Bush has handled the war, she has not backed away from her vote. Score one for moderation.

Next came a vote on banning partial-birth abortions in 2003. Clinton made a splash earlier this year by calling abortion a "sad, even tragic choice."

Nonetheless, she could not bring herself to vote to stop the particularly horrific practice known as partial-birth abortion, although 17 of her fellow Democrats in the Senate did. Score one against moderation (and life).

While her husband generally grasps the benefits of free trade - noting in his speech "trade lifts people out of poverty" - Sen. Clinton opposed the Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement this past June. Ten Senate Democrats voted for it. Another blow against Hillary's moderation.

Finally, there was the confirmation vote in September for John Roberts as U.S. Supreme Court chief justice. With Roberts' powerful intellect, obvious mastery of the law and sound temperament, only an ideologue could have voted against him. Twenty-two Democrats gave a thumbs-up for Roberts, including some big-name liberals such as Christopher Dodd (Conn.) and Jay Rockefeller (W.Va.). Hillary Clinton voted against Roberts.

One key vote and some occasional centrist talk do not make a moderate. Just as Bill Clinton the New Democrat was more about political posturing than policy reality, Hillary Clinton's move to the center lacks credibility. It is simply Clintonian.

Darren said...

Evan, I've thought about what you said about "Clinton Derangement Syndrome" and have concluded that I disagree. I don't recall seeing conservatives marching with effigies of Clinton, calling him a Nazi or a member of the KKK, or anything like that. Such demonizing seems to be the perview of the left.

Anonymous said...

thats missing the point of my post, i was saying that beacuse the media pins everything to the highest power they can, presidents will always become (in this poltical blog media) objects of hate. The point wasnt that clinton has been an object of intense hate, it was that if she was elected she would become one.

Darren said...

No, I got your point. I just don't accept it. I don't think we'll see conservatives marching in the street with her effigy, with signs linking her to Nazis or the KKK, or any of the other bile we see from the left on a weekly basis. Hence, there will be no "CDS" as there currently is "BDS".

Darren said...

But, Edward, they aren't marching down the street doing these things, thinking it's perfectly acceptable and proper to do so. That's the difference.

Look at their faces, see the venom and hatred, and tell me you see no difference. Honestly.

EdWonk said...

Hillary Rotten-Clinton talks an interesting game. But it's one thing to make some noise, and it's quite another to get something done.

I challenge any commenter to please disclose any actual accomplishments that Senator Clinton has actually achieved.

Anonymous said...

""Homosexuality is a sin" is a legitimate religious view. One need not be deranged to have that view. In fact, the Catholic Church holds that view."

Is that true? Considering the conduct of it's priests, I thought that the Catholic Church had a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

"And most Catholics in this country vote for which political party?"

Before or after our country is 95% Latino?

Darren said...

I'll take the last couple elections, Leeroy.

Darren said...

I frequent LGF. I don't recall Charles Johnson, the owner of that site, ever calling for the death of all Muslims. I see him pointing out appeasement, wanting the death of our actual enemies (like Zarqawi and other murderers), etc. I don't read Free Republic so I won't comment. As for what commenters post at either site, that's not up to the owners of the site.

Edward, if you want me to say there are extremists on the right, fine. There are. I don't know what you get out of that--it's patently obvious. However, the sheer quantity and "vocalness" of those on the left are immense and dwarf any such showing on the right. Yes, that's only an opinion, but it's *my* opinion I'm posting here.

When you see the conservatives marching down the street with "AmeriKKKa" signs during a Democratic administration, let me know. Until then, I stand by my beliefs.

Darren said...

I guess I could make this a little more clear. This thread is about BUSH Derangement Syndrome. As I said, it's ok to harbor negative beliefs about someone or even some group. But when taken to the levels that the left has taken their attacks against this one man, the President, it strikes me as derangement.

Anonymous said...

"But when taken to the levels that the left has taken their attacks against this one man, the President, it strikes me as derangement."

I'd have to agree with Darren.

If Bush died tomorrow, there would be some people dancing in the streets.

That is until the thought of President Cheney dawned on them.


But at least we could party for one night!

Darren said...

And there's ANOTHER problem with the left. It would take them a full night to figure out that the Vice President would take over :-)

And who would he appoint as *his* vice president? Hmm, I'm sure we could have fun with that one....