Friday, September 30, 2005

Best Quote I've Ever Read About "Racism" And Education

From Joanne's blog:

One of the chief evils of racism is that it persuades victims that their lives are determined by forces outside their control. Kids need to know that they can determine their futures, most of the time, even in an imperfect world where some people will make negative judgments based on race, ethnicity, gender, whatever. Yes, there are racists out there. Do your homework. Read a book. Write a poem. Design your future home. (emphasis mine--Darren)

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Timmer said...

That was a great quote.

My soul is sick of this nonsense. I don't want my four year-old son to grow up paying pennance for something he didn't do. I don't want my black neighbor's child growing up expecting a handout for atrocities he never experienced.

It would be best for BOTH boys if we truly embraced equality - not section 8 lala-land.