Sunday, September 18, 2005

Free Speech Issue On Campus?

LittleGreenFootballs links us to a story about "censored" art at an on-campus exhibit. I'm forced to agree with the chancellor, for the same reason I disagreed with the California Attorney General's allowing of a picture of the US going down a toilet to be displayed in the state justice department's building:

“This is an exhibit that UWGB sponsors, and it’s done with taxpayers’ money. When we do this, we get to decide what we show and what types of messages we want to send out,” Shepard said. “I don’t want the reputation of UWGB to represent advocacy of assassination.” [emahasis added--Darren]

The art in question was a picture of a mock postage stamp showing President Bush with a gun to his head.

I also agree with this quote:
“It would be censorship if we told students that they couldn’t wear T-shirts with this picture on it. But because it’s in the gallery and paid for with taxpayers’ money, we can decide what hangs there,” he said. “The piece won’t be hung up. Any reference to the piece that’s in the gallery is left up to the gallery director.”

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Wulf said...

Every time I am told by someone (a student or an adult, it doesn't matter)that their right to free speech is being violated by a policy like this, I tell them that their government teacher is the one who violated them. It just amazes me the number of people who do not understand this issue.