Sunday, September 11, 2005

Patriot Day Remembrance

The same press that wants to show the bodies of Katrina's victims didn't want to show you this because it might inflame you.

How do you wish someone a Happy Patriot Day? Did you even know that that's the title of today's holiday or day of remembrance? How can you be filled with anything but resolve when you remember these images:

We must not forget.


Anonymous said...

Republican Porno.

Darren said...

Sad that you think that the lives of almost 3000 innocents, intentionally taken, is sexually satisfying.

You, anonymous, are sick.

Anonymous said...

You post these pictures for polital gain (and god knows what other reasons).

You are sick.

Anonymous said...

God bless America, and anonymous, have a little compassion for your fellow Americans, imagine if you lost a loved one, you might feel a little different, to think that 9/11 was a worse disaster than Pearl Harbor and you think showing pictures of it is sick, you might need to get your priorities straight, sorry to vent, but when I see things like this, I just can't let it pass.

Darren said...

I'm not a politician. I have no "political gain" to make.

I post these pictures to remind people that there *are* bad guys in the world, and unlike in Bizarro-Lefty-World, those bad guys do not occupy the executive branch of the US government.

Anonymous said...

The last image is fake, I think.
Do you remember the towers toppling over like that? No; they fell straight down. Perfectly straight. The only damage sustained by the fall of the towers was two other Trade Center buildings, which is astonishing if you ask me. When buildings are imploded, there's always talk about how disastrous it can be if the explosions don't go off perfectly. So I was surprised when I saw the towers go absolutely straight down.
Apparently, the reasoning behind that is that the weight of the floors above them was so great that they had nowhere to go but down; however, the planes hit at an angle, and so they burned unevenly, thus ensuring that one side would topple first. However, this didn't happen.

Darren said...

Doesn't your hair get all sweaty under that tinfoil hat, Cameron?

This is not a site for conspiracy theories. I don't want to hear about the Jews, the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, or anything like that. Don't waste electrons here telling me the US Navy shot down a civilian airliner off the coast of Long Island, or that a missile and not an aircraft hit the Pentagon.

Intellectual skepticism is fine. Outlandish wacko-ness is not. And apparently *I* have to be the one to determine one from the other, at least on this site.

Anonymous said...

What I initially meant was that the photo may have been doctored to make the impression of more damage than there actually was. A building that topples over sideways would naturally make more of a dent in the ground than one that fell straight down.
The bits about it not actually toppling over are just...
I felt like throwing it in.