Thursday, September 22, 2005

Interesting View On California's Same-Sex Marriage Bill

We conservatives have long opined that same-sex marriage is a social topic best left to legislatures, not judges. Now both houses of the California Legislature have passed a same-sex marriage bill--and conservatives cry foul because an "out of touch legislature" is trying to foist an unpopular position onto the citizens of California! But Governor Schwarzenegger has already said he'll veto it anyway.

While the legislature is out of touch, this bill was crafted entirely within the confines of the law. People don't have to like the result--many of us don't like Roe v. Wade--but when everyone plays by the rules and we don't like the outcome, we're supposed to act dignified, accept the result, continue to play by the rules, and be thankful we live in a society where the rule of law is accepted. Bush v. Gore opponents, that goes for you, too.

But Hugh Hewitt has an interesting point on this topic: Why isn't anyone in the media asking national Democrats what they think of this watershed event? I mean, it's the first time a state legislature has passed, without the order of a court, a bill allowing same-sex marriage. Isn't that big news? It was certainly big national news when Massachusetts was ordered to draft such a law, and big-name lawmakers from around the country chimed in on it. Why so little mention of it now? Hugh offers one possible answer.

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