Monday, September 10, 2018

Facts Feminists Forget

Good points, all:
It’s always entertaining when a poorly thought-out feminist argument refutes itself, saving the rest of us the trouble.

In a widely shared moment late last week, Sen. Kamala Harris asked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, “Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?”

The question was in the midst of Harris’ extensive grandstanding so Kavanaugh didn’t have an immediate answer. But there’s an obvious one: Selective Service...

In a piece for The New York Times last year about how Republican men are the only ones who think being a woman is easier than being a man, writer Claire Cain Miller notes that for women, “It’s catcalls on the street, disrespect at work and unbalanced responsibilities at home.”

For men, it’s far more dire. Men naturally die younger, more men are in prison than women, fewer men go to college, far more men commit suicide. No one ever asks men what they plan to do after the baby is born because the answer is always to continue working. On a sinking ship, men are the last ones off. Sexism is a real problem, but it doesn’t trump every other problem.

Being a woman isn’t easy, but that’s because being a human isn’t easy. When compared to men, though, women have it made. We may not run the world but that’s mostly because we don’t want to. Feminism tells women to strive to be just like men. Smart women should respond: “No, thanks.”
There are more examples in the full article.


Anonymous said...

Actually NOW (the National Organization of Women) has always supported the idea that if men are required to register for military service then women should too. They even went to court for this. While some feminists are also pacifists and oppose all mandatory military registration, no feminist supports a double standard in which only men are required to register.

Equality helps everyone, men as well as women.

Ellen K said...

1. She's a psychologist and knows the damage done by false memories on innocent people.
2. She's a psychologist and knows how to circumvent a polygraph, especially one given in her lawyer's office.
3. She doesn't know the time, location or even the situation, she can't explain how she got there or home.

Having been a teenage girl, raised a teenaged girl and teaching them for over 20 years I am under no illusions that they are angels. Girls can and do act manipulatively to get attention. They dress provocatively, get drunk and use drugs, none of which are excuses for rape. However, that being said, I have known far too many girls (and women) who would literally say or do anything to get their way. It's not outrageous to think a 15 year old sophomore, virtually invisible to a senior football player, would maybe make up a story and plant it as a rumor so the cool kids would think she was edgy. Look at her behavior right now. Ford sent a letter-A LETTER-through channels, I'm sure thinking after someone's assurances that it would be enough to get her new Democrat Socialist Resister friends to like her. How many times has she held forth on this "attack?" What's more, after 35 years it could turn out her memory is faulty. Read: