Sunday, September 02, 2018

Class, Or Lack Thereof

In reference to anti-President-Trump comments made at recent funerals:
I don’t mean to sound self-centered, but I hope that at my funeral, whoever delivers the eulogy will talk about me, and not their or my political enemies...

This kind of stuff doesn’t make Trump look bad, it makes his enemies look petty and weak. They’ve taken what should be solemn moments of reflection on the legacies of those they came to honor and instead used their moments in the spotlight to attack someone who wasn’t even there. They say Trump has had a negative impact on political discourse, right? So what exactly is using the funeral of a music icon or a war hero and longtime U.S. senator to attack a sitting U.S. president? Is that patriotic somehow? Is that appropriate or heroic? How exactly does attacking Trump during a eulogy make him look bad? Newsflash: it doesn’t.

I’m not sure which funeral wins the Paul Wellstone Award this year, Aretha Franklin’s or John McCain’s. All I know is it’s sad that 16 years after that disgusting display people still haven’t learned there’s a time and a place for everything, and a funeral is not the time to go after your political enemies. Aretha Franklin is more than just a prop to use to attack Trump. John McCain is more than just a politician who didn’t like Trump. Hopefully one day we’ll remember that.
Hopefully. But don't count on it.


Ellen K said...

If, as we are told, McCain planned out all the hoopla that was his funeral, I think we can safely assume the words uttered were planned as well. A memorial by definition should be about remembering the deceased, not taking potshots at his rivals. This is a disgusting episode and does not wear well upon seeing it more. I think this is far more about anger and ambition than grief. It is also clear evidence that we do not need any dynasties nor do we need another McCain in Congress.

PhillipMarlowe said...

Well, Trump could have been a decent person and not warranted well deserved shots. But he has acted like an asshole.
I will remember the 1970s movie when I think of Trump- "I Spit On Your Grave." No one would say that of Carter or Bush. (except it was Carter who said the US owes the Vietnamese "nothing", as the destruction was "mutual". How many conservatives objected to that? Did you Ellen K? Did you Darren?, Bitch no. Did you object when CA Sen. Hiyakawa said that he hoped the landmines we left in Vietnam would kill a few more?)
Trump gets what he gives.
Stop being a snowflake.

PhillipMarlowe said...

Hey Darren how goes the limoncello?
Jerrod Nieman has a song on this:

So let's change the subject
Well, how about those grades?
Well, there's an "A" in alcohol
A "B" in beer, "C" is for the night class we live all year
"D" is for drunk, and there ain't no "E"
So "F" is for, for Everclear

I can drink to that.

Darren said...

I stand by my point that a funeral is not the place to take potshots at your political enemies. Mondale learned that at Wellstone's funeral.

Or perhaps the left has degraded so much that even minimal standards of decency can be cast aside if it's convenient or if it's during one of their now-so-frequent-as-to-be-continuous temper tantrums.