Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Twice, to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. There are reports that she might be marrying again soon.

Today's question is:
What is the largest county in the United States, by area?


Stopped Clock said...

Brewster County, Texas, is larger than Rhode Island. Either that or Valentine, NB is my guess. Or Owyhee, Idaho.

Doug said...

San Bernardino County in Southern California?

Fritz J. said...

The interesting thing about your trivia questions is that when I have no idea of the answer I often look it up and learn things I didn't start out to learn. In this instance I knew that Alaska was out because they do not have counties, so that left me thinking that the answer would likely be somewhere in Texas. Anyhow, I started out looking and along the way learned that the most populous county in the U.S. is Los Angles county. Now I know a lot of people live in the Los Angles area, but I did not realize that Los Angles county covered as much area as it does. I would have thought that the most populous county would be one where the city population density is high, such as New York City. And of course I was surprised to learn the largest county by area is in California and not in Texas. I think I enjoy the questions I decide to look up more than the ones where I know the answer because I learn more.

Darren said...

Fritz wins the "Comment that makes Darren's day" Award for today. Thanks!

gbradley said...

Oh I wished I had visited the ROTlC Blog on Tuesday.
I would have so... answered San Berdoo.
It's not too far from my house.