Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect Attendance

Kudos to this girl!

Cal Ripken, Iron Man of the Baltimore Orioles, played in 2,632 consecutive baseball games.

Stefanie Zaner, Iron Kid of Darnestown, is closing in on her 2,340th straight day of public school...

But hers is a rare accomplishment. Not once in 13 years was Stefanie marked absent: not for a cold, a family vacation, a college visit or a senior skip day.


Scott McCall said...

ya i had the same record going for me.....until the administration at Rio decided they couldn't do anything about me being rushed to the hospital during lunch and skipping your class because of it

....first taint on my record, ever

Anonymous said...

I teach in a small, rural system in Georgia, and we usually have 1 senior every year that has accomplished this feat. Three or four years ago, I taught a young man who missed one day his junior year--he went to a relative's wedding in Pennsylvania and they got snowed in. Only day he missed in 13 years--and he didn't even want to go to the wedding!

Stopped Clock said...

2340 days in a row?? What, she didnt even go home on the weekends?

Crazy kid.

Mrs. C said...

Arg! These are the kids who bring their germs to school and make mine sick!! Can't they just honour people with 95% or greater attendance rates?