Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Social Security

Just go read this post and watch the embedded video. Notice which party is cheering the blocking of social security reform.


Stopped Clock said...

It's no surprise to me that Democrats are glad that they've stopped Social Security reform. I mean let's be honest here: there's no good side vs bad side on this issue, there's just the party that wants to increase taxes to pay for benefits, and the party that wants to cut taxes and cut benefits too.

And blaming Bush for everything under the sun including the things he tried to prevent doesn't surprise me either, but it's definitely worth mentioning every time it happens.

Ellen K said...

They didn't want to admit that Franks dropped the ball by tabling any adjustment to the freewheeling attitudes at Fannie and Freddie. They didn't want to admit they knew about the waterboarding. They didn't want to admit that many of the actions they have taken have put us in peril economically, militarily and socially. They want anarchy. I guess they forgot that the final result of anarchy is mob rule.