Sunday, February 17, 2008

Global Warming Update

So that was my calendar page from last Friday--and before anyone squeals, I use these pages for notes after I tear them off, so I'm not being wasteful.

So I got to wondering, why is that one particular glacier growing, and why is Arctic Sea ice expanding?


Anonymous said...


We know your going into a dangerous area. Thinking will not be tolerated in these United States now.

But you should know why already….ALGORE has to go on vacation sometimes!


Unknown said...

The concept of global warming is an increase in average global temperature, not an increase on every square inch of the world.

Darren said...

And it's caused by cyclical solar activity, not by man-made CO2 emissions.

Dr Pezz said...

Do you think man has any impact at all on global warming?

Darren said...

Man clearly has an impact on local climate, but not on a global scale. Nature is too big and too powerful--and the sun is even bigger and more powerful.

Now, let's talk about the "science" behind global warming. The science is pretty clear that temperature increases trigger CO2 increases, not vice versa. The science is pretty clear that previous cycles of warm and cold climates closely track solar cycles. The science is clear that Mars, which has no SUVs that we know of, is losing polar ice.

Do not for a minute think that I support wanton pollution just because it doesn't lead to global warming--that would absolutely false. I support clean nuclear energy, and would love to replace fossil fuel-burning plants with nuclear plants. I love solar power, recognizing that it cannot supply all our needs but can augment other supplies.

But I'm not ready to give up our standard of living and our way of life on someone's wrong-headed belief that we should do so for Gaia.

Anonymous said...

"The science is clear that Mars, which has no SUVs that we know of, is losing..."

...of course they dont have SUVs, they dont even have cars genious!

any by the way....CO2 can increase tempreature. if you want, i'll come down and explain it all to you. so it is possible for an exceso of CO2 to cause temperature increase

Darren said...

I'll let your comment stand on its own.