Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Rocket Scientist Working With Kids

A real genius, this one.

A teacher's aide quit her job on Monday after police discovered teenage students in her hotel room with alcohol and drugs...

Police found condom wrappers, crack-cocaine, empty beer cans and alcohol in Swogger's hotel room last week. Swogger did not show up to work on Thursday or Friday.

The room smelled of marijuana when officers broke up the party early Friday, said Detective Dennis Marsili. Some parents of the missing teens reported their disappearance to police.

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Ellen K said...

I don't know where they find some of these clowns. I do know that some administrators turn a blind eye. For example, there are two younger teachers who have come to me with complaints about some really inappropriate comments made to them and about them by one male teacher. Both of them went to the head administrator and were told something to the effect that they were attractive women and that some men were just idiots. And that was it. No formal reprimand, no conference addressing the issue. I wouldn't put up with it and I surely wouldn't want my daughter or son to have to deal with that type of dismissive attitude. But it happens.