Thursday, June 02, 2005

The War On Morons

Just go here and read it.

Hey Anonymous, see yourself in that essay anywhere? No? Look again.

And again.


Anonymous said...

I'm all tingly.
Hurray for the wonders of the internet, where I can be quoted by a teacher in California.

(Yes, it's the little things that excite me.)

I wish I had more free time then you might have more interesting things to read. Alas I must spend far too much time at the Warehouse of Doom to feed my family. Such is life.
Anyway, thanks again for the linkage.

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I love the internet! You link to Philosopher Poet's blog, he mentions that and links back to yours, which leads me to discover your blog! It's a pretty groovy blog too, I must say, although I'm not much into politics (I leave that to my hubby, Octavo Dia, who uses the same blog format/background you do). But your bio says you dig "Star Wars", "Star Trek", and "Harry Potter", so I'm sure if I keep reading your backlog posts, I'll find something that totally piques my interest. Already I've gotten to your Memorial Day post, which I totally dig (I'm big into WWII history).

So, anyway, hi!

Darren said...

To both of you, welcome to my little collection of electrons on the internet. Isn't it fun reading what others write, especially when it's good?

PP, let's join forces against the morons!

Rachel Kovaciny said...

My mom teaches 4th grade, so a lot of the stuff you're posting about teaching reminds me of things she talks about. She's not real into blogs, but I'll see if I can get her to check yours out, cuz I think she'd dig it.

Ahh, the war against morons. Long, tiring, but soooo worth it!

Anonymous said...


You are so sad.

War? We are at war? You and me, at war?

Is that the only way Republicans can solve disputes? Is war the only answer?

To answer you question, yes I saw a bit of myself in that rant, but saw quite a bit of you too.

I may be scum bag, but I'm a highly paid scumbag (I make more than 3 times what you make) and at least I'm not a blogger.

You are my entertainment.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Translation: I'm rich, bored, and insecure in my manhood, which I must affirm by posting anonymously on others blogs.

No, I'm sorry; that was just a bit of silliness. Don't take any of my absurd insults seriously. I just couldn't help myself. I was momentarily possessed by the Demon of Sarcasm aka "Binky, Dark Lord of Chaos".
(His highly developed sense of sarcasm apparently comes from years of bearing the taunting of more appropriately named lesser-demons.)

He whispers crazy things in my ear like "Go ahead; taunt the anonymous poster. It will be fun. Everybody's doing it."
"That cloud there... no the one on the right, now up a little bit... doesn't it look like a pickle? Kosher dill perhaps."
Yeah, I just remembered why I shouldn't post when I've only had four hours of sleep. Disregard the crazy man.

Darren said...

Philosopher Poet, you're my new hero.

Let me introduce you to Anonymous, my very own personal troll.