Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I was too old for Sesame Street when it came out, but I loved watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and The Electric Company. I had younger siblings, however, who did watch Sesame Street.

And then there was The Muppet Show, another one I didn't watch with any interest, but that merged in my memory with Sesame Street. If you asked me to recall everything I could from those two shows there would be very little. But this song, for some reason, is one I've always remembered. And as an added bonus, you get some sort of Scandinavian subtitles!


Anonymous said...

I heart the muppets!

Of course I'm also a sleep-deprived weirdo!

Darren said...

Hey, Philosopher Poet! Haven't seen you in awhile!

Phyllis S said...

Thank you. Made my day.

Darren said...

As of 6/25, the link is no longer working. Pity.