Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Drunk Teacher

Kimberly has this story about a teacher who wouldn't admit to her drinking problem until her stash of 200 bottles of liquor was found in her classroom. Amazing.

I had a high school teacher I'm convinced was a drunk. I was convinced then, and I'm convinced now. One teacher overheard me telling another student about it and before too long I was in the principal's office getting chewed out for making such accusations against a teacher. My insistence that he check the bottom right drawer of her desk, in her purse, fell on deaf ears. It didn't matter much to me by that time, though, because I'd already transfered out of her class by the time the principal called me in.

I had, and still have, tremendous respect for that principal, who, it turns out, is a former math teacher. But I thought he made the wrong call that day.


Edward said...

Were the bottles empty?

Darren said...

Not yet.

EdWonk said...

Since this was in England, she'll definately keep her job. Natch.