Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'll Take Buzzwords For 1000, Alex

I received the following email at my school account this past week. It's so chock full of buzzwords that I thought I'd post it here purely for its camp value. I wonder how dated it will sound in about 5 years, when all the buzzwords are different.

Maybe we could make a game out of finding as many as we can! One biggie I haven't found is "stakeholder".

Dr. T. Roger Taylor

A Five-Day Curriculum Writing Institute

Differentiating the Curriculum:
Using an Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic,

Standards-based Approach

Workshop Locations
Sacramento, California ▪ June 20-24

San Jose, California ▪ June 27 - July 1

Los Angeles, California ▪ July 18-22

(E-mail us for more information)

Dublin, California ▪ August 15-19

Los Angeles, California ▪ August 22-26

Administrators Attend Free!

With the paid attendance of a team of 5 or more teachers, an administrator may attend this workshop free!

3 Hours of Graduate Credit Available for an additional fee!

Many school districts cite Dr. Taylor's unique curriculum model as the major factor for the significant increase of student achievement and test scores on state and national assessments, while bringing excitement and energy to the classroom.

Learn how to differentiate the curriculum using proven hands-on strategies so that students are taught based on how they learn best!

Learn how to create a curriculum unit that allows for the individual strengths of the students in your classroom from the nation's leading educational consultant!

Learn how to incorporate the innovative AHA! MODEL into your daily schedule so that students understand what is taught, make connections to other content areas and are excited and engaged in the learning process!

Click here for a full view of the brochure or you can visit our Web site at for more information.

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What? Be unsubscribed, and miss more fun blog entries? Never!


Phyllis S said...

As a (pretty successful) grantwriter, it still took me about a year on this job to get the hang of 'education argot'. That announcement is typical of so much crap that passes over my desk. "AHA! Model" indeed. The aha is that this guy has tapped into to magic world of unending 'staff development' dollars.

Anonymous said...

If that is the same "AHA model" that I'm thinking of then I already hate them. Course maybe it's just that whole lack of sleep thing again. It has been known to make me more hostile.