Saturday, April 02, 2005

Washington State's NEA Affiliate Is Disgusting

Just go here and read, and remember this story the next time one of the state teachers unions tells you "it's all about the children.",2933,152230,00.html

Update, 4/4/05 6:51 pm: This story just gets worse. I just got the NEA's monthly rag, and in it they commit a lie of omission about this issue. On page 19 of the April 2005 issue, NEA mentions the WEA's program of reimbursing teachers when they buy items like coats or school supplies for students. Then they give the "bad news"--"Many of the receipts members submit to the fund for reimbursement are from--sigh--Wal-Mart."

They mention that Wal-Mart has "exploitative labor practices" but do not mention that the WEA will no longer reimburse teachers who submit Wal-Mart receipts. Isn't that a major part of this story?

Now I'm compelled to ask, which is worse? The fact that the WEA extorts money from teachers and then uses it to buy coats and school supplies for students, or the fact that fewer students will be served by this extortion because teachers will no longer be reimbursed for inexpensive items from Wal-Mart?


Dan Edwards said...

Reg Weaver cannot let anything get int he way of his $300k annual salary and perks!

How are you? Did you get RIF'ed? Let us know.....many out here in blogolandia are concerned about you.

EdWonk said...

This post has been linked at The Education Wonks. "Washington State Teachers Union Boycotts Wal-Mart And Hurts Itself Instead"

Anonymous said...

Quote from the article:

The WEA recently decided that, despite the direct benefit to children, the Children’s Fund will now refuse to reimburse teachers for some of their purchases simply because “[a] great many of the receipts members submit for reimbursement are for purchases from Wal-Mart.”

(end quote)

Those unions sure do stick together. The UFCW has been desparately trying to unionize Wal-Mart for years. It's their only goal. Union members be damned for all they care. They just want those dues.

With rare exception, when a vote does come up in a Wal-Mart, the employees vote the UFCW down. In a Wal-Mart up in Canada, the employees voted the UFCW in. Wal-Mart then announced that the store was not profitable and would be closing.

I still smile when I think of that!! Go Wal-Mart!! I am so proud of that company for standing its ground.

I have never voted either for or against a union, but nevertheless, in my state, if you want to teach you MUST either join the union or pay for the union.

One vote, once. Once an organization is unionized, it takes an act of God to get them out.

The funny part is, Wal-Mart pays its employees better than most unionized retail stores. Why would the employees vote to pay those dues and make less money.

We need to get a national "right to work" law passed to get us out of this "forced association". I thought the 1st Amendment addressed this?

Rant is over. For now.

Zami :)