Friday, April 08, 2005

Fighting the CTA Dues Increase

When I first found out about the soon-to-be-enacted $180/year dues increase, I decided that Coach Brown, Polski3, the EducationWonks, and I aren't big or well-known enough to fight this battle on our own. I contacted the Sacramento Union, the Sacramento News and Review, blogger and conservative talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt, and local conservative talk-radio host Eric Hogue and asked their help in getting the word out about this travesty.

None of them so much as responded to me. Great.

At least there's a web site now, and hopefully the few of us who are concerned about this dues increase can at least start to let fellow teachers know that all is not lost yet. Go and sign up!

Some teachers will have difficulty getting past the fact that the website is paid for by the California Republican Party. Hey libs! The governor is right on this one, and if you refuse Republican help because you can't bring yourself to accept that Republicans are right just this once, then you're biting off your nose to spite your face.

Just so you know: if this goes through, and if I remain a teacher, I'll be paying over $1000/year in union dues. That figure boggles the mind, doesn't it?


Dan Edwards said...

It is a bit strange to me, but much of the media seem to be 'anti-teacher'. They will do stories about goody-goody stuff with kids, are FAST to report when a teacher gets arrested or how some new reports blames teachers for all of our nation's woes. Darren, I am not surprised you heard back from none of those media folk.
Thanks for the link to that website, I will check it out this weekend.

OH, I am going to the WHO/Building Rep. Dinner, the one where the Queen of CTA will be. DO you have any questions you'd like for me to try to ask her ?

Darren said...

The CTA's position here is "anti-teacher". My take on this story would be "anti-union" or even "anti-democratic", and I thought that conservatives Hewitt and Hogue, and conservative monthly Sac Union, would attack that angle.

Darren said...

"Your majesty, when are you going to reimuburse teachers for the $180/year after your fight is over?"

Anonymous said...

Quote Polski: It is a bit strange to me, but much of the media seem to be 'anti-teacher'.

Not really Polski. Most of the media is unionized (by different unions--but unions nevertheless). And, as long as the public is brainwashed into being "anti-teacher" then the teachers' union has built in excuses why teachers aren't paid more through the (forced) collective bargaining that the union negotiates.

I am also not suprised that you didn't hear back from these media folks.

Many, if not most, media folks are unionized. Maybe I am too optimistic, but maybe they just have put getting back to you on the back burner for some other compelling story. Keep plugging away though.

Also, you might consider contacting other teachers directly.

Somehow, we here at the "grassroots level" need to organize our efforts.

Since 1999, I have been studying and researching unionism, and in particular the NEA and state affiliates. To get an idea of unionism, the media, and our culture, see my blog.

As I posted on Polski3's blog in a comment, I can't share 6 years of research in a few posts, but I think you will find the information there interesting, if not thought provoking.

Polski3, I think you should go and get your dose of union propaganda, self-promotion, and member brainwashing. (said tongue-in-cheek)

I would have many questions for Ms. Kerr, like how does she square freedom of association as guaranteed under the First Amendment with forced unionism in the U.S.A. ?? Hmmmmmmmm? Or where does the millions of dollars of forced union dues paid by teachers go?? How does that support teachers??

On, second thought, you better not ask those questions, you might start a riot!

Darren said: The CTA's position here is "anti-teacher".

You bet it is Darren. It's a dirty little secret. You see, as long as the public is "anti-teacher" it's that much less the CTA has to expend on negotiations, legislation, and legal defense for teachers and the more money the union gets to keep for itself. It also provides cover for the rotten contracts that the union forces teachers to accept. "It's the publics fault!"

Read my post on unions, the media, and our culture at my website. I only have a few posts up now, but as my time permits, I will be posting more.

Sometimes I think we live in the Soviet "Union".


Anonymous said...

How much of your pay raise are you willing to give back? How much of your salary and which benefits would you rather do without in order to save that $1000/year?

Anonymous said...

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