Thursday, April 07, 2005

Harassing Recruiters at a College Campus

In this post, the Instapundit shares a story of some idiots at UC Santa Cruz who were insufferably pleased with themselves for being disruptive enough to cause military recruiters--at a job fair, no less--to leave campus.

I agree with Glenn--it is unpatriotic to disrupt military recruiting during wartime. I agree with his implication that the university would have acted differently had the protestors been anti-left (anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage) instead of anti-right.

When California splits into 2 states, it shouldn't be north and south. There should be Coastal or West California and Upper or East California.


EdWonk said...

Wow. This is another story with legs. We wrote about it last year:

Darren said...

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, this event happened April 5th of this year.

So rather than being a story with legs, perhaps it's just a recurring story. Sadly.