Thursday, April 07, 2005

Harassing Recruiters at a College Campus

In this post, the Instapundit shares a story of some idiots at UC Santa Cruz who were insufferably pleased with themselves for being disruptive enough to cause military recruiters--at a job fair, no less--to leave campus.

I agree with Glenn--it is unpatriotic to disrupt military recruiting during wartime. I agree with his implication that the university would have acted differently had the protestors been anti-left (anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage) instead of anti-right.

When California splits into 2 states, it shouldn't be north and south. There should be Coastal or West California and Upper or East California.


Walter E. Wallis said...

College students used to be required to vote in their permanent residences - then some judge allowed them to vote in their school town, and town went to irresponsible hell.

EdWonk said...

Wow. This is another story with legs. We wrote about it last year:

Darren said...

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, this event happened April 5th of this year.

So rather than being a story with legs, perhaps it's just a recurring story. Sadly.