Friday, April 29, 2005

From Her Majesty's Column

Here are just a few snippets from Her Royal Hind-ass Barbara Kerr, President of the California Teachers Association, in her President's Column in the April 2005 California Educator Magazine.

Referring to a special election that Governor Schwarzenegger might call to get some of his reform proposals enacted over the objections of a do-nothing Democrat-controlled Legislature, Her Majesty states:

In the city of San Francisco, they are talking about shutting down community health clinics that serve low-income families and children for one day a week just to pay for this election. If you ask me, that's a high price to pay for an election that nobody wants with an agenda that nobody supports.

For starters, perhaps health clinics aren't a high priority in San Francisco. If they were, the city wouldn't shut them down in order to pay for an election--they'd find another way to pay for it.

And approximate 30% of the teachers you supposedly represent, Your Majesty, are Republicans. I'd bet a goodly number of them want and support the governor's agenda.

Here's more:

His pension reform initiative suffered a setback when the attorney general's office pointed out that it would do away with the survivor benefits for the families of police and firefighters who are killed or injured in the line of duty.

The Attorney General is a Democrat who is considering running for governor himself next year. Even the left-leaning Sacramento Bee admitted, not even grudgingly, that there's nothing in the initiative that would do away with survivor benefits and most believe that the attorney general was probably acting out of self-interest.

Finally, these are issues--like affordable prescription drugs--that are important to California families, unlike the governor's phony reform agenda.

I wish that the union I'm compelled to support financially would actually tackle issues that are important to me, and not take on the mantle of Defender of the Downtrodden. Why is a union of teachers spending money to get state-funded prescription drugs for everyone? We're not really a union, we're a social services organization funded by fiat and governed through tyranny.

I am not impressed, Your Majesty. Not impressed at all.


Dan Edwards said...

Well Said Darren, well said. Much of this parrots the usual blather from NEA regarding the public schools responsibility as a force in social engineering. Like usual, there will probably be plenty of such to vote upon at this summers NEA RA in LA. Since I am going as an unelected delegate (the powers that be said there was no need for an election since they had just enough candidates to be a delegate as there were openings--boo. I wish I'd been elected) Anyhow,I will be interested to find out if a single delegate actually can vote NO or if dessent and rebellion against the establishment is squelshed.

Darren said...

Hoody, how bad were your union-withdrawal symptoms when you left Washington?