Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More State Testing Today

The students I was assigned to proctor are all freshmen. Today's testing at our school is only for sophomores and juniors, and then only if they have history/social studies classes. Ergo and therefore, I don't have any kids during the testing period today.

I thought this would be an excellent time in which to get some one-on-one time with a couple of seniors who are having a little difficulty with logarithms. Trying to be a good teacher, and all that.

Little did I realize what a shrewd move this was. Turns out that my evil arch-nemesis, VP-Lady*, came by my room yesterday to let me know I'd be needed to corral any freshman who might be wandering the campus this morning and assist in keeping them occupied in our school theater. When I mentioned that I'd already arranged to help students, she crossed me off the list and went to find some other unsuspecting teacher.

Sometimes trying to be a good teacher does have its rewards!

* In all honesty, I have nothing but praise and respect for this particular Vice Principal. I just thought the terminology used above sounded more fun.


Anonymous said...

evil arch-nemesis, VP-Lady, thats a great phrase Miller. Wow this whole blogging think is actually very interesting, now I see why you do it. Anyways ya testing was boring today, I'm glad I only have a couple more days of it. Hey, that picture of you and Austin is cool, it's neat how you took him back there after a long time. Well I'll see ya in class tomorrow, oh ya and by the way that old guy drawn on the board on Monday, yah that was all me.HAPPY BIRTHDAY though,oh ya and one more thing, your gettin up there buddy, oh sorry I forgot were not buddies, you hate me that's right!

Darren said...

1. We're *not* buddies.

2. I don't hate you.

3. It's MR. Miller.