Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wal*Mart Screws Up Again

There's truth in something I once read, and it applies equally well to organizations as to people: those that would bite the hand that feeds them would lick the boot that kicks them.

So it goes, it would seem, with Wal*Mart:

As we documented in our Special Report titled Wal-Mart Embraces Controversial Causes: Bid to Appease Liberal Interest Groups Will Likely Fail, Hurt Business, the company’s management has steered the company to the political Left under the guidance of Edelman public relations firm. With the public now turning against the very ideas that Edelman counseled Wal-Mart to embrace, it is no surprise that the company would seek to limit our ability to communicate with other shareholders.

I supported Wal*Mart when they set a goal, before it was popular to do so, to sell a certain huge number of fluorescent light bulbs. I haven't been with them on this push to stop using plastic grocery bags, nor have I been with the company on "cap and trade" and health care legislation.

Wal*Mart should get out of politics and leftism and should stick to what it does best, which used to be to deliver convenience and low costs to its customers.


Ellen K said...

A Walmart was so adamantly opposed by residents in Plano that they are almost invisible from the main streets. While I could readily find the Super Target, right across the street, Walmart is hidden by a hedge worthy of a fairytale. I guess I just don't get why liberals consider Target "good" and Walmart "bad" when they are basically the same store.

Fritz J. said...

Any attempt by Wal*Mart to appease and attract the left is doomed to failure because the left's hatred of Wal*Mart is not based on facts. But then why should the left's hatred of Wal*Mart be any different from their hatred of anything else. The only way the left will forgive Wal*Mart is if they fail and go bankrupt because the left hates success by any private entity.