Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seeing Pink

California law requires school districts to notify, by March 15th, any tenured teacher who might conceivably be laid off at the end of the school year. Every year around March 15th you see stories like this one, which is more ominous than any in recent years:

Unlike previous years when many layoff notices were rescinded, school officials say more of those employees will likely lose their jobs this year...

The rising numbers of pink slips locally are part of a statewide wave. David Sanchez, president of the California Teachers Association, said the deluge could be worse then last year, when 28,000 teachers received pink slips and 16,000 lost their jobs.

Sanchez and his ilk are part of the problem.


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In part by insisting that school districts spend every cent possible on salaries and not have any "rainy day fund". California's legally required reserve funds aren't much at all and won't do much of anything in even a mild economic downturn.