Saturday, February 27, 2010

Protests in Berkeley Over Budget Cuts

Nothing says "don't raise my tuition" like breaking into a campus building and trashing the restaurants.

I’m just wondering what Sweetie has against some minimum-wage worker at Subway.

You know, the guy who pays the taxes that (subsidize) the University of California, Berkeley.

I also contrast this to the peace protests.

Sweetie seems to be far less angry about people dying overseas than having to shell out a few more bucks in tuition.

It's stories like this that cause me to seriously question the amount of money we pay for California's higher education system.


Ellen K said...

I wonder how upset Sweetie would be if she found out how much of her tuition went to programs that she cannot access and which are largely kept for elite groups within the campus community. I wonder how upset she would be to realize that many universities can only use their foundations for construction of buildings and not for subsidizing programs or faculty.

ningelito said...

Isolated incidents that aren't affiliated with the protest movement at large. Not only that, but UC administrators have a penchant for fiction when it comes to their propaganda—our March 4th protest/rally was completely non-violent, 100% issue-oriented. And yet still, the Chancellor decided to accuse us of brandishing knifes and metal pipes, and smashing car windshields.

None of the allegations are true, of course. For Christ's sake, do you really think a bunch of pacifistic UCSC students are going to have knives on them.. ?

Nothing quite like reading your blog again, Miller-san! Gotta stop by here more often.

Darren said...

Yes, Nigel, you do. I value even disagreeing opinions when they're presented intelligently.

As for the "isolated incident" comment, I take it you're seeing here the flip side of the "I saw a crazy person at a Tea Party Rally" style of reporting :-)