Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lake Erie Freezes For The First Time In 14 Years

Church of Global Warming adherents will continue to repeat their mantra, "Weather does not equal climate", but there seems to be a lot of weather out there that is not adding up to the climate they predict. This is yet another data point:

Following a cold snap in the Northeast, Lake Erie's surface is virtually frozen over for the first time in about 14 years.

The ice ranges in thickness between paper thin along the northern shore and several inches along the southern shore, where many people are ice skating.

GoErie.com reports that the lake hasn't completely frozen since the winter of 1995-1996.

The current cold snap will keep the lake mostly, if not completely, frozen for at least the rest of the month.

Perhaps Al Gore is visiting the area.


Anonymous said...

You are about 10 years behind the curve on this one, Darren.

Global warming can lead to cold weather, or even to a worldwide freeze. No, really!

This page provides an example of how this all works.

The AGW crowd is totally covered. When things get warmer it can be global warming. And ... when things get colder, this too can be because of global warming :-)

-Mark Roulo

Darren said...

By changing the name to Climate Change they're *always* covered. :-)

Ellen K said...

I want a job where even when I am wrong, proven wrong, I am right.

In the meantime, I work with a guy whose wife is actually a meteorologist. She said the stats are more in line with what happens with La Nina and El Nino and has been for the last 100 years. That has more impact on North American climate than the threads they keep trying to pull out.

gbradley said...

I like this guys comments on the Accuweather Forum.
"Anytime there is record heat, mild winters, drought, hurricanes (Katrina), etc you seem to always find a news story somewhere linking the event to global warming. However, whenever there is unusual cold or a harsh winter/cool summer then its just normal cycles in the weather pattern and not any indication that global warming might be over hyped. Just seems like people are ignoring some weather events while focusing only on events that support their beliefs"

Chanman said...

Oh, the days when I remember the AGW cultists pointing out heat waves and droughts as proof of global warming; now it's too much snow that they are touting.

Heads they win, tails we lose.