Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Kindred Spirit

I didn't stop to take a picture, but a sign in front of a Midas shop on my way home from work today said

Snow closes DC
Thank you, global warming

Two digs in one!


mazenko said...


No snow on slopes for snowboarding and freestyle skiing in Vancouver days before Olympics start as Vancouver records its warmest January since 1937.


Seemingly educated people mistake "climate" for "weather."

C T said...


Darren said...

Oh get over yourself. We know the difference. We just think the Gore Effect, the snowstorms in the east, the recently released satellite picture of Great Britain that was totally white, the floods and landslides in California from El Nino--we wonder how you can ignore those and at the same time say it's hotter than it's ever been.

I'm just sayin'.

Darren said...

Just heard on the radio that so far this winter it's snowed in all 50 states. It's called a "weather oddity".

mazenko said...

I know, Darren.

I was just matching one snarky comment with another. That's the fun.

And, you know it's all about pollution as far as I'm concerned anyway.

Hopefully, the other readers, who often over-interpet me, will see my comments in the lighthearted manner with which they were written.

Ellen K said...

I found this investment group and posted it on my Sodahead blog. It seems that when Congress is away, the market jumps.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Why limit ourselves to current affairs (and weather, err, climate)? When Hurricane Katrina came roaring ashore what was the cause? Global warming!

Goose. Gander.

One nice thing about this stage of the debate; we don't have to listen to all the prattle about "consensus" any more. Now when that particular tactic is attempted the response is to ask whether it's a consensus of the scientists who were engaged in concealing, misrepresenting, creating data or a consensus of scientists who uncritically accepted that data?