Friday, February 05, 2010

I Got A Little Fired Up

I'm the first to admit that sometimes we teachers deserve the slings and arrows thrown at us.

But not always.

Update 2/6/10: A comment this morning reminded me of this scene from Boston Public. Three words: you go, girl.


Mr. W said...

nicely put.

I got fired up on a Topix discussion today about Race to the Top funds. Some districts down here are opting out of applying for them for various reasons. The main argument was that teachers/unions don't want CST scores tied to their evaluations.

Some people went off on how all teachers don't care about kids and are afraid for their teaching skills to be judged or stuff like that...I am sure you have seen similar arguments. It ticked me off.

Anyway, our district opted out because we have a 6.6 million dollar budget gap in 2 years and the most we would have received is 150 grand. BTW, our district is a high performing district (our schools API is 882 for what it's worth)

Ellen K said...

I believe that most rational teachers feel the same way. Just yesterday I was talking to another art teacher and the Latin teacher discussing the lack of initiative and the lack of shame. I have four kids that have an average of ZERO for this grading period. I've offered ample chances to turn in work, do make up work and recoop their grades. They don't care. And these are not the poor or minority kids that are doing this. It is a group of kids that live in an affluent area and who attended a middle school where the administration was afraid to allow the children of the wealthy and powerful to fail. I've frequently told my students that in the future those who can read and write will run the show. They laugh, but do not realize that their reluctance to engage in even the most shallow of intellectual studies demonstrates a pallid interest in anything beyond their narrow lives. How close to Idiocracy are we? Closer than we think, I am afraid. Good respons though.

mazenko said...

You nailed it, Darren. Nicely said. And, look, we agree whole-heartedly on something. :-)

Darren said...

Will wonders never cease? :-)

Reminds me of the first (or was it the second) episode of Boston Public, in which a manic-depressive teacher (Marla?) goes to a school board meeting to speak in defense of the school principal. She blasts the parents in similar fashion, only much better.

Thought of that just now. I wonder if I can find that clip online somewhere?