Monday, February 01, 2010

Grade Deflation?

Princeton instructors were giving too many A's so there was an effort to clamp down and be more realistic in grading. As you might imagine, there are some concerns with that approach.


pseudotsuga said...

Heh--gotta love that. I see that peoples EXPECTATIONS were what mattered, rather than actual RESULTS.
Hey, that's Liberal/Progressive economic and political thinking, right there!

maxutils said...

If you set a goal of "no more than 35% of grades across all departments being A+, A, or A-," you just set a quota. If you then say it's NOT a quota, you sound like either a disingenuous liar, or an idiot.

A separate issue is "are there too many As given at Princeton." You either trust your professors or you don't . . . my feeling is, most of the people at Princeton are capable of doing A level collegiate work.