Friday, May 08, 2009

Setting the Example

There are leaders, and there are managers. Leaders should set the example.

These folks are not setting the example:

Within hours of raising student fees Thursday by more than 9 percent, University of California regents offered massive pay hikes to the new leaders of UC Davis and UC San Francisco.

They named Linda Katehi chancellor of UC Davis, and gave her an annual salary of $400,000 – $85,000 more than outgoing Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef makes.

The new chancellor of UC San Francisco, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, will make $450,000 a year – almost 12 percent more than her predecessor.

Out of control. And wait till you read about all the perks, too.

I can't say I'd turn down the money if it were offered to me. It's clear that the Regents don't understand modern reality.


maxutils said...

Well, you can't just raise fees, and not have anything to spend the money on. Plus, I'm sure that both of these women are really good at chancelling things.

Ellen K said...

If there ever was a time for students to launch a public protest, this is it. Oh where, oh where are the student organizers today? Oh, I forgot, they are now the people on the receiving end of this tuition hike. Funny how money isn't so evil if you are the one getting it.

Luke said...

It would be fun to watch the firworks if the Young Republicans or some other conservative students group started a petition or protested against this.

Darren said...

It *shouldn't* be just Republicans who have an issue about this.